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Jeanne Warren Art

Baby Deer and Raccoon Art Greeting Card - "Looking Up"

Baby Deer and Raccoon Art Greeting Card - "Looking Up"

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This fine art wildlife greeting card features a small spotted white-tailed fawn (odocoileus virginianus) looking up at a raccoon that hangs from the branch of an alder tree. Hidden on the branch is a small frog. Soft green forest tones create a simple backdrop. The fawn stands upon green grass littered with pink wildflowers whilst a blue butterfly and a small bee float through the air.

Did You Know?

Fawns are given a thorough bath by mom following birth and have almost no scent of their own. The mother will keep her distance in order to protect the vulnerable newborn, checking on the fawn around four times a day for feedings.


Printed on Heavy stock eco-friendly paper. Each card comes with a beautiful Coconut/Wood Fiber Envelope which creates a lovely contrast of white on brown. 

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