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“Nature is life and I want to express this feeling through my work.”

Jeanne Warren with covered wagon

My Short Story

As a child surrounded by the beauty of nature, growing up in a large family with limited means, I found wealth in the wonders around me. My parents, with their love for hunting and painting, instilled in me a deep appreciation for God's creation and attention to detail. With cardboard boxes and paper bags, I embraced my artistic passion, feeling rich when given real paper 😊

Horses became my companions, taking me on adventures through mountains and along the beach. Observing fish, crawdads, and birds by the creek, I immersed myself in nature's symphony - So much to observe! Painting on rocks and conks, I honed my skills with acrylics until the day my parents brought me oil painting supplies.

The challenge of working with oils led me to take classes and discover a world of contrast, dimension, and vivid colors. Eventually, Michael Graham paints became my trusted buddies, offering odorless, non-toxic, and Most Vivid hues that brought my creations to life!

Sharing my techniques and knowledge has brought me great joy, and I continue to experiment and learn, for we are all lifelong learners.

You can Trust in the Craftsmanship and Dedication behind my art, for every stroke embodies my passion for the wild and beautiful world! 

 For by Him all things were made...” 

—Colossians 1:16


Jeanne’s career as a Fine Art Wildlife Artist has attracted recognition throughout the years: she has placed first, and amongst top entries in many National contests including Oregon & Washington State Wild Trout; Association of Northwest Steelheaders; Minnesota Deer Hunters Association; and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

 Embark on a treasure hunt! As special touch and joy of faith, Jeanne hides a Cross in each of her paintings. Have you spotted any?

She can still be found tromping through the woods, armed with her camera and an adventurous spirit, catching glimpses of wildlife wherever she goes. 

The Family Team

It's a great blessing to have a small family crew to help serve my fans and patrons here at Jeanne Warren Art. Like me they share a deep love for the outdoors and enjoy spreading the beauty of wildlife and creation. 

We're so grateful for support of all shapes and sizes!

Our humble little hole in the wall outfit runs for miles on smiles.

If you want to get a hold of us, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We'd love to hear from you :)

 “A touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” 

—William Shakespeare

The Jeanne Warren Art crew

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