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Great Blue Heron and Salmon / Canvas Print - "Fat Chance"

Great Blue Heron and Salmon / Canvas Print - "Fat Chance"

Great Blue Heron and Salmon / Canvas Print - "Fat Chance"

By Artist

Jeanne Warren

Artists' Description

The Great Blue Heron, fishing up his stream, spots some salmon too big for his beak! This long-legged, fun to watch bird can be found wading in shallow open shores and wetlands over most of North and Central America.

Did You Know?

$ 149.00 USD
$ 149.00 USD
This fine art wildlife canvas print features a beautiful, big Blue Heron standing tall and watchful in the middle of a rocky river. It watches two disappointingly large salmon swimming under the surface. There are rapids running behind the Heron and into the foreground, misting off of large boulders. Trees disappear into a foggy distant background. Some oak leaves are carried downstream by the flow of the water.
  • Materials
    Museum quality eco-friendly canvas with solid backing to eliminate sagging. Six color archival ink printing. Stable solid wood frame.
  • Delivery Information
    Usually ships within 10 business days. Watch for a Shipping Confirmation e-mail from us :)
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Ships from
    Oregon, USA

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